Nazareth Finger Lakes Challenge (2015)

FingerLakes_Challenge2015_FB_buttonThe goal of the Nazareth Finger Lakes Challenge was for 1984 Nazareth graduate & Board of Trustee member, Bridgette Hobart, to become the first documented swimmer to successfully complete the full length of each of the 9 Swimmable NY Finger Lakes, non-stop and under MSF regulations in a single swim season. The challenge was referred to as the 5 Majors and the 4 Swimmable Minors. The majors were the lakes > 11 miles, while the minors were 4 lakes < 11 miles. The swim dates and times for the Majors were – July 11 Canandaigua (15.5 miles, 7:38), July 19 Keuka (19.88 miles, 9:07), July 26 Skaneateles (16.03 miles, 7:27) , Aug 7-8 Cayuga (37.9 miles, 20:33), and Aug 28-29 Seneca (37.9 miles, 24:31) . The swim dates and times for the Minors were Sept 18 Honeoye (4.5 miles, 2:02), Sept 19 Conesus (8.08 miles, 3:46), Sept 25 Otisco (6.21 miles, 2:56), and Sept 26 Owasco (11.1 miles, 5:57). The overall goal was to document and complete this challenge in a single swim season and promote the new Nazareth College York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute, which opened in September 2015.   The challenge was successful and many fond memories were made as the swimmer, crew, family, friends, new friends met along the way and many in the community came together to embrace and support each other in this challenge.

Click here to read view a full recap of the entire challenge swim by Bridgette Hobart-Janeczko.